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Dennis Murphy Visuals offers a full video production and photography service utilizing skills and intuitions developed from over a decade of crafting a wide range of video and still image content. 

We have worked on a diverse range of productions from TV commercials, educational, promotional, corporate, music videos, social media, documentaries, testimonials, events and short films.


Having worked with large Corporations, Government Departments, Small Businesses, Artists, Agencies, Production Companies and Non-profits, we work with you to create targeted video content with coherent messaging that engages your intended audience. 

Because we have kept up with the many advances in the world of video production, we can deliver content in a timely fashion that is competitively priced without skimping on quality.


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About me:


After working in the Mental Health sector for many years, I stumbled upon Video Production. This soon escalated from a hobby to a full-time career. 

I had always enjoyed being involved in creative pursuits as my failed attempts at being a Heavy Metal drummer in my younger years attest - when I still had hair.

The whole process of video production/photography is both challenging and rewarding to me, and I can't imagine myself doing anything else.

Working with clients as we develop the concept, then providing solutions, sourcing crew, actors etc, then becoming a recluse during the editing/colour grading process is a perfect fit for me in terms of my lifestyle and is a process that I relish.



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Our Studio is located in Footscray!